Monday, July 30, 2012

"Can't Stop" Website Named One of Best for Healthy Lifestyle!

Can't Stop Endurance is proud to be named one of the "Top 25 Best Sites for Healthy Lifestyle Advice for 2012" by!
You can check out the complete list here: Best Websites for Healthy Lifestyle

From the Master of Public Health website ~ "We strive to make our website a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about general healthy living. To that end, through our own research, evaluating factors such as peer recommendations, web presence, and content quality, we developed a list of useful websites for those interested in a healthy lifestyle entitled "25 Best Sites for Healthy Lifestyle Advice in 2012".  We are pleased to inform you that "Can't Stop Endurance" has been awarded a spot on our list!" 

Run Smart. Train Hard. Race Fast. 
Coach Kevin is an RRCA-certified Running Coach.  
National Coach ~ Team McGraw 
National Coach ~ St Jude Heroes.  
He also writes the Memphis Fit blog


  1. Congratulations Coach, on being selectd as the "Top 25 Best Sites for Healthy Lifestyle Advice for 2012."
    I know that I personally always learn something "new" from your web site which in turn, I pass on to others, or my students in my PE classes.
    And lastly, I want to say that I am thankful to know you and am privledged to be your friend.

    As I tell my students, "Keep Moving!"

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