Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get Old-School-Tough

We could all use some old school toughness.
So many endurance athletes are inundated with feedback, technology and distraction.  We run and bike with GPS watches, heart-rate monitors, power meters, iPods, and more.  These are all great tools to help us perform better and track our results.  Too often they provide too much feedback and distraction.  These tools are useless if you cannot push through the discomfort and pain, ignore the negative voices in your head and continue pushing towards your goal.  Grit.  Focus. Old School Tough.

It's too hot.  Too hilly.  Too cold.  Too windy.  My iPod died.  My GPS locked up. It's too early.  
Harden up people! Endurance sports are not easy.  Reaching your own personal peak performance is very hard. It takes sacrifice, discipline and focus over time.  Embrace the pain.  Get familiar with the struggle in training so you can overcome it on race day.

Whether you are striving for a 5K personal best or a marathon breakthrough... get tough.  Harden yourself mentally & physically to the struggle.  Get Old School Tough.

Run Smart. Train Hard. Race Fast. 
Coach Kevin is an RRCA-certified Running Coach.  National Coach ~ Team McGraw, National Coach ~ St Jude Heroes.  He also writes the Memphis Fit blog

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